Doug Andrews is a Master Goldsmith and Owner of Karateristics in Kamloops,BC.  He became a journeyman goldsmith in 1988 at Golden West Trade School in Vernon, BC under Peter Lysy a Czechoslovakian Master Goldsmith who worked throughout Europe and North America.

After working for 7 years under another Master Goldsmith, Doug decided to open Karateristics in a tiny space on 4th Avenue in 1995 and is now located on Victoria Street across from the Plaza Hotel.

Throughout his career, Doug has taken fine arts courses in design, sculpture, drawing and photography to keep his skills up to date with trends and learn from other mediums in the arts.  Doug also supports the arts in Kamloops through donations to the arts council, Western Canada Theatre and the Kamloops Symphony to name a few. 

For the first 10 years Karateristics was run solely by Doug but as business has improved, he has trained and hired assistants to support the repair and marketing side of his business.   Karateristics is ready to support the jewellery needs of Kamloops and area!